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Can Dehydration Cause Headaches!

Water consumption is essential for the health and functioning of the body. This need for hydration is due to the fact that the body needs water to carry out different chemical and metabolic processes in the body. Which helps regulate temperature and transport nutrients to the organs.

When the amount of water consumed is not enough, the brain sends messages in the form of thirst, so that more fluids are ingested. If, even after this signal, the person does not start to hydrate, he may feel the effects of dehydration, including headache.

Dehydration can give you a headache. 

As the body needs water for its proper functioning, when it is at low levels, the organism needs to make more effort so that the blood flows to all the organs and continues to function. Due to the lack of water and nutrients, the brain needs to make the body work even harder to overcome this dehydration, which can make the body more sensitized, and this is when symptoms such as dry mouth, little urine and also headaches appear.

How to avoid headache due to lack of water? 

The solution is simple: hydration! You can maintain the proper functioning of your body by consuming the ideal amount of water for your body, according to your age, weight and lifestyle. 

Water, in addition to being ingested directly, can also be found in food, especially in fruits, as there are some that can contain up to 80% in their composition. Look for a nutritionist and find out about the list of these foods that help with hydration and break down can still ward off the headache.

By drinking the ideal amount of water per day and maintaining a healthier diet, you can prevent the symptom from returning. So you live happy, healthy and pain free!