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Hape Medicine: A Tribal Tradition

Hape, sometimes referred to as Rape, is a form of sacred traditional medicine found in South America, particularly in the Amazon rainforest. It is the significant bearer and bearer of the traditions and culture of some ethnic groups. This medicine is still part of the traditions of   Katukina, Yawanawa, Kaxinawa, Nukini, Kuntanawa, Apurinã, Ashaninka and many other ethnic groups. There are various opinions on the use of Hapa medicine. However, there is evidence to support its consumption.

Preparation of Hape Medicine 

Its preparation is prepared by skilled tribals following certain procedures in a long process. Its preparation methods may vary from tribe to tribe, but general preparation methods are discussed here.

First, the necessary leaves, bark, other necessary parts of the tree are collected. Wood ash and some other ingredients are added to these ingredients as required. After all the ingredients are collected they are allowed to dry in the sun and dried. Once all the ingredients are dried they are crushed. They are crushed into a perfectly uniform shape by a special type of crushing machine.

When all are evenly powdered, a certain amount of tobacco is mixed with them. This tobacco is not like the tobacco available in the market. They are cultivated and cared separately for the purpose of making hape medicine. When tobacco is mixed, other necessary ingredients are added to it. Sometimes fragrances are also added to make the mixture more attractive and useful.The tribal people pray to their deity during preparation to make the mixture of excellent quality. They believe their prayer will make the medicine more energetic, more resistant to disease and of better quality.

Prepared mixtures are stored in proper containers to avoid exposure to moisture and other harmful substances.

How To Take Hape Medicine 

This medicinal mixture is taken through a tube with two ends, which looks a bit like a V shape. According to the traditional rules, one supplies these medicine powders at one end of the pipe and the consumer takes the powders. These medicinal powders are consumed by inhalation through the nostrils. But in this case some rules are followed. Since tobacco is also part of the mixture, it should be taken in controlled and proper amounts. However, its consumption method may be different depending on the tribe.


Its health benefits are largely theoretical and mostly based on tribal beliefs. There are many positive and negative theories about this medicine. However, it is good to keep in mind that there are some scientific limitations to its health benefits. Its usage and beliefs vary from tribe to tribe. However, here are some of the common health benefits of hape medicine discussed:

• Some of the herbal ingredients in Hape Medicine provide respiratory support

• Certain plant ingredients are believed to have antimicrobial properties

• This medicine is believed to have analgesic properties

• This drug is believed to have a relaxing role, used to reduce stress.

• This medicine has anti-inflammatory role. 

• This medicine is often used for mental clarity and refreshment. 

• Plays a role in increasing attention

• Tribals believe that this medicine balances the energy in the body and promotes prosperity. 

• It is used for mental well-being and emotional upliftment.

• Tribals believe that Hape medicine removes toxins from the body and destroys harmful substances. 

• It can relieve sinus related problems

• Tribals believe it improves the cardiovascular system by increasing blood circulation. 

• Enables the body to adapt to the new environment. 

• Its consumption is helpful in relieving anxiety.

• Hape may contain some antioxidant substances that provide the body with antioxidants. 

• Tribals believe that it strengthens the body's immune system.